Tamboro: for all, no exceptions

We are passionate about education and innovation


We are passionate about education and innovation.

We have built an unique platform for the development and evaluation of the 21st century skills. Its main targets are students, young professionals, and companies. Communication, creativity, the ability of solving problems… are essential skills to face the contemporary world’s challenges and stand out in the job market. These skills are developed in a active and dynamic way.

We have created our own, innovative methodology with online collaborative work and advanced algorithms for assessment, which offer an precise profile and potential analysis of theses skills.

We bet on technology to democratize and impact the greatest number of people. We also bet on gamification as a strategy to guarantee a greater engagement throughout the learning process.


Tamboro means “for all, no exceptions” in the Ingarikós language. Ingarikós is an indigenous population who lives near Monte Roraima in the border between Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana.

We never doubted this was the perfect name for a company that believes education, and lifelong learning are the only way to transform the society we have into the society we want.


For all, no exceptions.


Samara Werner

Co-founder and CEO

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Samara worked for ten years as Education Director of the Oi Futuro Institute being responsible for the creation of awarded projects, such as the Advanced Educational Center (NAVE), a school and research center designed to improve education in Brazil. She graduated in Engineer, and has post-graduation degree in System Analysis from PUC-RIO. She has also worked as an engineer at Furnas Energy Center. Council member of the Igarapé Institute, and former counselor of GIFE (Group of Institutes, Foundations, and Companies), Samara has founded Tamboro for believing that education systems should be better related to the challenges of our century.

Maíra Pimentel

Co-founder and Project Director

Maíra has been developing social project for 12 years. She started her career as a social entrepreneur in 2011 as co-founder of Tamboro. Besides that, she implemented the Ensina! operation, an adaptation of the global model Teach for Latin America in Brazil. She has also coordinated the implementation of the NAVE program, and the expansion of Tonomundo, one of the biggest private programs of digital inclusion in Brazil. Maíra graduated in Social Communication from UFF, has post-graduation degree in Marketing from FGV, and MBE degree in Social Responsibility and Third Sector from UFRJ. She has experience in web and mobile project management in companies such as Petrobras, Cadê, Click Agency, and Blah!.

Tite Zobaran

Product Director

Tite graduated in Visual Communication from PUC-RIO. She specialized in New Education Technologies, working with strategic planning, branding, design thinking, creation, and development of communication projects for multiple platforms. Tite worked as a designer for 5 years in Portugal, and during this time she founded the DCE Communication in Lisbon. She was a teacher of the Communication course at FGV (CADEMP-2005), partner of Ouriço Architecture & Design, and Creative Director at Copyright Communication, where she received the Grand-Prix and Ouro do Prêmio Colunistas awards.

André Couto

Architecture of Learning Director

André graduated in Social Communication from UFRJ, and has been working in the education field since 2000. He was part of the education team at Oi Futuro, and has worked with art-education activities at the France-Brazil House’s Cultural Center. He coordinated the digital inclusion program Tonomundo, a partnership between 16 states’ education secretaries in Brazil, public schools in Mozambique, and the units of the Advanced Educational Center (NAVE). At Tamboro, he is responsible for the pedagogical development of the adaptive, evaluative, and gamified educational platform.
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