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If you are a professional who want to prepare yourself to stand out in the job market, you are in the right place

What do I learn here?

Tamboro helps you develop skills that are not learned in school, like communication, creativity, and problem solving. We have only one goal: prepare you for the job market.


Everyone can
speak well

Increase your self-confidence by making presentations, participating in interviews, and meeting. Show your best business card: the ability to communicate.


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Unlock your

Dominate the most used creativity techniques in the job market and surprise everyone with innovative ideas that will make the difference in your work and in your life.


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How to solve problems

Learn how to use the best techniques, and tools to solve a variety of complex problems and conquer daily challenges in a easier way.


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Gain agility by putting into practice decision making techniques and make positive, ethical, and sustainable changes.


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Learn by playing!

Why does tamboro help me so much?

You learn in a dynamic way, keep track of your conquers, and also win points. And of course, you do all this from your mobile or computer.

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Skill development

Master in the skills needed to stand out in your profession by doing courses created by a team of international specialists.

Active and dynamic learning

Study whenever and wherever you want. Develop your abilities through 100% online active and collaborative activities.

Keep track of your performance

Frequent reports show your evolution, and what you still need to enhance to improve your skills.

Effort rewarded

Every conquer in the platform gives you points and coins that can be turned into awards and other opportunities.

How does it really work?

Come and see what happens from the moment you come in to Tamboro. Don’t miss the special offer and start your online course.

Profile test

Your professional development starts with a test to learn more about your personality, and with the result, you can analyse if it is in accordance with your choices.

Study plan

Based on your profile and the profession you want, we suggest the more suitable skills so you can complete your education and stand out in the job market.

Free experience

You can try the first stages of any of our skill development courses. It is your chance to check where to best spend your money and time.

Initial analysis

After doing the first stages of any course, you will receive an initial analysis report showing where you still need to improve.

Continuous learning

The skills presented in our courses are needed in any profession. Feel free to try and develop as many as you want!

Learn by doing

Develop the most demanded skills in the job market

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